There used to be a clear division between ‘athletic wear’ and ‘street wear’. But these days, the line between gym clothes and everyday outfits seems barely distinguishable. The ubiquity of yoga pants in the supermarket, the streets, and even at the office is one sure sign that people are embracing comfort and versatility of activewear in their everyday fashion choices. We wholeheartedly support this trend! We know that your clothes can impact your performance both on and off the field. Comfort is always a good thing. However, there are still some guidelines to follow when blurring the lines between active and everyday-wear.

DO keep it clean. It’s one thing to wear your clean gym clothes out and about – it’s another to train for the mini-marathon, outdoors in the heat of August, then proceed straight to book club. Avoid subjecting everyone to your exercise-induced odors and sweat by showering after your workout and donning a freshly washed Avail Sport Shirt.

DO mix and match sportswear with traditional clothing. A no-fail technique for making your activewear street appropriate is to pair it with an item from your everyday wardrobe. For example, you can layer your Spry Hoody with jeans and boots, or pair a Poly/ Spandex Pant with a chunky sweater for a perfect fall Saturday outfit.

Pink Hoodie

Figure 1 The Spry Hoody is a comfy classic for every day layering.

Yoga Pants

Figure 2 The Wide Waist Brushed Back Pant does double-duty in the gym and errand days.

DO show your team spirit. With the Baseball World Series fast approaching and football season in full swing, it’s an exciting time to be a sports fan! Enjoy the spirit of the season by donning your favorite team name or customized embellishment on your Augusta jerseys. Most Augusta gear is designed to let you add your own design. Have fun with it and create your own unique ode to your favorite team.

Baseball Jersey

Figure 3 The Short Sleeve Baseball Jersey is perfect for adding your customized KC Royals message.


DON’T abuse your newfound sartorial freedom by wearing sports and casual gear in inappropriate situations. This includes weddings, business meetings, and fine dining occasions. Remember that wearing appropriate attire for every scenario conveys respect and class. Your cousins’ wedding is not the place to show off your favorite jersey. For most other scenarios, the game, the tailgate, the supermarket, the backyard bbq – your favorite Augusta activewear pieces will look just right and make you feel comfortable and confident.

Replica Football Jersey

Figure 4 You can add your own unique embellishment to the Replica Jersey.

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