Has jumpstarting your fitness routine left you hungrier than usual? Are you hitting a wall in the middle of the afternoon? We know the feeling. One of the tastiest and most efficient ways to fuel your body is to snack on healthy, high- protein snacks. Protein fills you up and fuels you longer, which is why the following snacks are great to keep on hand while at work or play.

protein packed snacks

1. Cheese Stick + Almonds Sometimes it’s smart to snack like a kid. One cheese stick paired with 14 plain almonds will bring between ten & fifteen grams of protein to the table. Flavored almonds are great, too, but read the labels carefully as they can be packed with sugar and unnecessary calories.

2. Cottage Cheese + Sliced Fruit For a great salty-sweet combo, we tend to reach for cottage cheese and fruit. To really get some bang for your buck, grab a power player like bananas or blueberries. Each five ounce serving of cottage cheese will provide you with over twenty grams of protein. 

3. Black Bean Dip + Red Pepper Slices Blend together black beans, salsa, and any of your favorite seasonings to make a quick dip. Pair four tablespoons of the black bean dip with a handful of red pepper slices for a delicious snack with over five grams of protein.

4. Two Hard Boiled Eggs Need a simple snack to help power you through the day? Two hard boiled eggs provide twelve grams of protein for under 150 calories. Add a small sprinkle of salt or paprika if you’d like a a little extra flavor or heat.

5. Hummus + Vegetable Sticks Place two tablespoons of your favorite hummus in a tall container and pop the carrot sticks right in it for a healthy, portable snack. Each serving contains about five grams of protein when using plain hummus and a handful of carrot sticks.


6. Green Monster Shake When you choose the right protein powder, smoothies can be a smart snacking option. One of our favorite combinations is frozen fruit, spinach, and vanilla whey, with just enough water to get it blending. This satisfying treat will clock it at over twenty grams of protein per serving.

7. Pumpkin Seeds Baked pumpkin seeds don’t just have to be a fall treat. You can make or buy them in a multitude of flavors, but they all add up to about eight grams of protein per ounce. Be careful with portion control as these tasty seeds can be calorie dense.

8. Roasted Chickpeas If you’re looking for a swap for potato chips, crunchy chickpeas are the way to go. Make a big batch in the oven and keep them on hand when you’re feeling like a salty snack. They’ll provide you with about seven grams per quarter cup.

9. Low Fat Chocolate Milk Recently chocolate milk has made a name for itself as a great post-workout treat. It’s no wonder, as this simple drink contains about eight grams of protein per cup. They sell single-serve shelf-stable boxes, so you can always keep one in your bag or at your desk.


10. Protein Bar When all else fails, grab a bar. Choosing the right protein bar can be a tricky process, but you’re bound to find one for you if you do a little research. Look for one that’s low in sugar, less than 200 calories, and has a short list of ingredients.

Whether you’re fueling up for a workout or recovering from a busy day, remember these options to make mindful decisions throughout the day! If you have a suggestion to add to the list, leave us a comment or share your idea on the #AugustaActive hashtag. Happy snacking!


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