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Getting Kids Active: Augusta Supports the GO! Grant Program

April 3, 2015 Augusta, Health 0 Comments

Augusta Sportswear is honored to be working with KIDS in the GAME and PHIT America toward the common goal of getting children active! Together, with all of the amazing sponsors, we will provide grants to elementary schools across the country through the GO! Grant program. These grants will support physical activity programs before, during, and after school. Research has shown […]

Mason Jar Salads

March 27, 2015 Health, Recipe 0 Comments

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you probably know that Mason jars have about ten million practical uses in your life, from holding q-tips to serving as rustic wedding decor. But have you heard about mason jar salads? With mason jar salads, it’s all about the layers. Layering is a smart way to make sure all […]

The Best Green Smoothies

March 13, 2015 Health, Recipe 0 Comments

As we’re sure you’ve heard by now, greens are basically the superhero of the veggie world. Drinking our fruits and veggies allows us to take in a huge amount of nutrients without having to eat 8 plates full of salad. If your diet is lacking in green nutrients, try out some of our favorite green juice […]

Ask an RD: Meet Anna Phillips, RD, LD

March 11, 2015 Health 0 Comments

Happy RD Day! Today we’re talking with Anna Phillips, RD, LD. She was kind enough to spend a few minutes chatting about becoming a registered dietician, her favorite “healthy” and “unhealthy” foods, and some of her personal struggles when it comes to health and fitness. We love how she remains relatable while helping other people […]

Fitting Fitness into Your Busy Day

March 10, 2015 Health, Recipe 1 Comment

It’s almost time for one of the most exciting seasons of the year! March Madness is more than just about the Big Dance; it’s also that time of year when your schedule gets crazy. Stay in the game with Augusta’s four easy ways to fit fitness into your day, no matter how many of your […]

Fall Asleep Faster: Five Steps to Better Rest

March 6, 2015 Health 0 Comments

We all know that adults should get 7-9 hours a sleep every night, but how often does that actually happen? Working late, trying to catch up on our favorite shows, and early alarm clocks can leave us feeling worn down. Sleep aids can be tempting, but there are many natural ways to help our bodies […]

National Health Through Fitness Day

March 3, 2015 Fitness, Health 0 Comments

Today, two representatives from Augusta Sportswear Group are traveling to Washington, D.C., to take part in SFIA’s National Health Through Fitness Day. The Capitol Hill campaign to “Get America Moving to Improve Health” is taking place and people from all over the nation gather to support a Phit America. For sixteen years, representatives from the Sports […]

15 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts

February 27, 2015 Health, Recipe 0 Comments

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how often are you able to fit breakfast into busy mornings? Cooking a wholesome meal for yourself and your family may seem daunting, especially if you haven’t had any coffee. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for […]

Healthy Muffin Recipe Round Up

February 20, 2015 Health, Recipe 0 Comments

Happy National Muffin Day! We’re not sure if that’s a real thing, but we heard it on the internet so it might be true. Either way, we’re celebrating by eating some of our favorite healthy muffins. We rounded up some great recipes from some awesome bloggers. photo credit: The Wholesome Dish, Run Now Wine Later, Slim […]

Sweet and Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

February 13, 2015 Health, Recipe 0 Comments

Enjoy sweet treats with your loved one without packing in the calories and sugar! You can still indulge on Valentine’s Day, but avoid overdoing it by trying some of these Augusta Active approved sweets. No need to cut out the sweets completely, just scale back a bit and avoid calorie overload with the following Valentine’s […]