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Lucky Charms

March 17, 2015 Motivation, Running 0 Comments

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so naturally we are looking for good luck today! For many active people, lucky charms are more than just Irish folklore. Sports fans and competitors alike often have special items or cheers they use to grant their team good luck. Do you believe in the luck of the Irish? Dedicated sports […]

Barre: The Total Body Workout

February 24, 2015 Fitness, Motivation, Workout 0 Comments

If you’ve ever seen a professional ballet performance, you know that ballerinas are more than just pretty dancers – they are accomplished athletes in peak physical condition. Beautiful ballet moves are made possible by cardio, strength, and agility training in the studio. Ballet workouts emphasize muscle control, cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. These workouts focus on your entire body, […]

Update Your Running Playlist

February 17, 2015 Motivation, Music, Running 0 Comments

In need of some run-spiration this week? Look no further, because we stumbled upon a few great running playlists on Spotify. [Pictured: Zeal Hoodie]   To get you up and moving: To speed it up: To push through that last mile: Now that we’ve shared our favorites, let us know yours! Comment below with the […]

Choosing the Right Gym for You

January 23, 2015 Health, Motivation 0 Comments

Have you resolved to shape up in 2015? Gym membership is a great way to get started, but unless the gym syncs with your lifestyle and offers the services you need, you’re not going to want to go there. Here are a few things to consider before signing on the dotted line. [Pictured: Men’s Sprint […]

Gym Bag Essentials

January 13, 2015 Fashion, Fitness, Motivation 0 Comments

Being prepared for the gym is an essential step in staying motivated and getting the most out of your workout. Whether you’re planning a strength training workout, hitting the treadmill or squeezing in an after work yoga class, the gear you bring with you can mean the difference between a good workout and a bad […]

#AugustaActive Holiday Fitness Challenge

December 1, 2014 Augusta, Motivation, Workout 0 Comments

The Augusta Sportswear team is taking an exciting approach to staying active this December. We’ve created fun daily fitness challenges to keep us motivated during all of the holiday hustle and bustle. We will be working out every day leading up to the 25th, with surprise challenges along the way. Each day we will be working […]

Encouraging an Active Lifestyle in Children

November 20, 2014 Health, Motivation 0 Comments

November is American Diabetes Month, during which the American Diabetes Association strives to educate the nation about this serious and widespread disease. Diabetes occurs when the body doesn’t produce or properly use insulin, the hormone which helps the body process glucose for energy. It is estimated that nearly 30 million children and adults in America […]