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Augusta Active Summer Essentials

June 23, 2015 Augusta, Fashion, Fitness, Training 0 Comments

Summer is almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited! Keeping up with a fitness routine during the summer is harder than most of us realize, especially with risk of heat stroke, sunburn, and tempting summer treats around every corner. If you want to break free from the gym and still treat your body well […]

Travel Workout Roundup

June 19, 2015 Fitness, Health, Training 0 Comments

It can be difficult to keep up with your exercise routine when you’re traveling, especially if you will be away for two or more days. Beach destinations in particular make it hard to put down the piña colada and pick up some weights. Still, it’s important to not let location totally throw off your exercise […]

Push Up Variations

June 16, 2015 Fitness, Motivation, Training, Workout 0 Comments

Pretty much everyone you meet has done (or at least attempted!) push ups before. Push ups are a common exercise everywhere from high school gym classes to the military. While athletes make push ups look easy, they can be tough! Because push ups engage your core, legs, and arms, they are a great full-body workout […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide

June 9, 2015 Augusta, Fashion, Fitness, Training 0 Comments

Many of us have fond memories of growing up playing sports and having fun with our dads. Every year, Father’s Day gives us a chance to recognize how awesome our dads are and give small gifts. While it’s easy to list off all the ways our dads have shaped our lives, it can be to […]

The Seven Minute Workout

May 26, 2015 Motivation, Training, Workout 0 Comments

If you’re getting into fitness and fitness apps for your phone, you’ve probably heard of the “7 Minute Workout” apps. While this fitness app craze started with the Official 7 Minute Workout app by Johnson & Johnson, many other app developers have created similar programs. There’s one big question for anyone considering including a 7 […]

Safety First: Running at Night

May 15, 2015 Health, Running, Training 0 Comments

In a perfect world, runners would only venture out during daylight and never have run-ins with vehicles. Unfortunately, daytime running isn’t always an option, so runners need to take extra precautions when they’re out at night. Though we’re quick to think of vehicles as nighttime hazards, it’s also important to account for other dangers when […]

Resistance Band Workout

May 12, 2015 Fitness, Motivation, Training, Workout 1 Comment

If you don’t currently use resistance bands as part of your regular workout rotation, you’re missing out! Resistance bands are ideal for sculpting muscles and stretching muscles before and after your workout. They are also small, extremely portable, and easier to handle than free weights, especially if you travel often for work. If you’re new […]

Celebrate Babe Ruth Day in Style

April 24, 2015 Fashion, Training 1 Comment

Every year on April 27th, the New York Yankees and fans from across the world remember Babe Ruth, one of the greatest players in the history of baseball. Though he had a rough start in Baltimore, Maryland, Babe Ruth eventually found his place as a power hitter and home run champion. In honor of the […]