Have you resolved to shape up in 2015? Gym membership is a great way to get started, but unless the gym syncs with your lifestyle and offers the services you need, you’re not going to want to go there. Here are a few things to consider before signing on the dotted line.

How To Find The Best Workout

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Perks and Specials

Does the gym membership come with value-added extras such as locker rooms, showers, juice bars, spas, personal trainers, child care, massage services and free fitness classes? Is it offering a special membership deal for the New Year? Can you bring guests to the facility?

Facilities and Equipment

Does the gym have the workout equipment you need, and is that equipment in good working order? Does it have a variety of equipment in case you want to change up your routine? Ask for a tour of the facility to make sure that it’s clean and well-maintained.

Location and Hours of Operation

Choose a gym that will be open when you want to use it and look for a convenient location. Know what hours work best for you and try to find a gym nearby your home or office. Having to go out of your way to get a workout in won’t help your motivation.

Other Members

Unless you want a gym membership solely for fitness purposes and don’t care who you share space with, ask about the other members. Most people prefer to shape up with people they feel comfortable with. Joining a gym where you already know some of the members is also a great idea!

Trial Memberships and Cancellation Policies

Try to get a one-, two- or three-month trial membership so you can “test drive” the gym to see if it’s a good fit. Also, check the gym’s cancellation policy. If you don’t like the gym, have to move or decide you’d rather shape up somewhere else, you’ll want to keep your losses to a minimum.

Compile a list of questions and requirements before you start to tour the facilities in your area. Putting some thought into choosing the right gym can mean the difference between a toned 2015 or just another resolution that falls by the wayside.

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