Many of us have great memories of swimming and playing in the water as kids. Nothing beats a refreshing dip in the pool on a hot summer day. Now that it’s warming up and summer is its way, have you thought about picking up swimming or water aerobics as a form of exercise?

swimming tips for beginners

Water exercises like swimming and water aerobics are a perfect way to squeeze exercise into your summer fun. Even just walking in waist-deep water creates enough resistance to help tone muscles and build up strength. Swimming and water aerobics get your heart rate up without putting extra stress on your bones and joints. Many doctors suggest exercising in water for people who have injuries or other physical limitations because the water creates a low impact environment. Whether you’re cutting through the water with your backstroke or making slow, controlled movements with your legs, water exercises are a great way to help maintain a healthy weight.

Swimming in particular is a great way to improve endurance and heart and lung health. One of the best things about swimming is that it’s only as competitive and fast as you want it to be. You’ll see a wide range of age and ability in swimmers at your local pool or aquatic center. Don’t worry if you have to take a short break after every lap. You’ll be able to build up over time! If you’re just starting out, check out this video on YouTube to learn about different strokes and this video for tips on breathing while you swim.

If swimming isn’t for you, consider trying water aerobics to get more comfortable in the water. For a basic start, power walk the length of the shallow end of the pool like you’re swimming laps. You can use water weights to add even more resistance. In deeper water, tread water for two minutes at a time with a one minute rest period in between. There are many great videos on the web with ideas for exercises you can do in water. Even just playing with your family and friends in the pool can give you a good workout!

Thanks to aquatic centers and indoor pools, your new favorite workout doesn’t have to end after Labor Day! Keep up with lap swimming, water aerobics, and recreational swimming throughout the year for a fun and energizing workout you can do with almost anyone! If you’re hitting the pool sometime soon, check out a few of our favorite Augusta Active pieces that look great on the pool deck:

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