Soccer Tips: How to Dribble a Soccer Ball

May 26, 2016 Training 0 Comments

“Practice makes perfect” is a phrase we are all familiar with, but how many of us truly practice as much as we should? Training year-round will improve your skills and help you stay conditioned. If you’re new to soccer or just want to hone your ball handling skills, this post is for you.

how to dribble a soccer ball

All you need is a yard, a soccer ball, and a few cones to practice your dribbling.

  1. Practice with your Weak Foot– Practicing with your non-dominant foot is essential for improving your footwork. Being able to dribble with both feet will make it easier to move the ball and shake defenders.
  2. Practice Shielding– Soccer is a contact sport, so don’t be afraid to get a little physical. You can use your body to help shield the ball, so a defender can’t steal it from you.
  3. Practice your Awareness– Try to keep your head up during drills and at practice. If you’re always looking down at the ball, it will affect your ability to pass, shoot, and dribble.
  4. Practice Balance– Balance is a key factor to dribbling. Having good posture and balance will make it easier for you to cut and juke past defenders.
  5. Practice your Touches– Use cones to set up an obstacle course. Try weaving in and out to work on speed and your ability to move the ball in tight situations. Start slow and then speed will come with repetition.

Ready for more? Here are a few drills that the Pros use to perfect their dribbling skills.

Closed-Space Dribbling Drill– This drill will help you use all different surfaces of your feet.

How to-

  • Place 3 cones on the ground in a triangle or line, spaced 2 feet apart.
  • Dribble the ball between the cones, using all surfaces of your feet.
  • Perform quick touches to guide the ball around the cones in a controlled pattern.
  • Sets/Duration- Perform daily for 10- 15 minutes.

Cone Drill– This drill will help you trap the ball on the inside or outside of the foot and keep defenders away.

How to-

  • Line up 6 to 10 cones, 5 yards apart; weave through the cones, dribbling the ball with the inside of your feet.
  • Repeat the drill alternating the inside and outside of your feet, circling right and then left around each cone.

Partner/ Wall Drill– This will help you control the ball when you receive a pass.

How to-

  • Have a partner toss a ball in the air or bounce it off a wall.
  • Pass back and forth 10- 20 times, using the inside of your foot.
  • Repeat the pattern with your other foot.
  • Pass back and forth 10- 20 times, using the laces.
  • Repeat the pattern with your other foot.

Confined Dribbling– With this drill you will improve your ability to dribble fast and accurate in tight spaces while avoiding defenders.

How to-

  • Set up four cones in a box 5 yards apart.
  • Stand in the box with a ball and a partner.
  • Dribble for the specified time while your partner tries to steal the ball.
  • If your partner steals the ball, switch roles.

Doggies/ 25’s Dribbling– This is a pretty common soccer interval workout, it will improve your dribbling skills and conditioning at the same time.

How to-

  • Place five cones 5 yards apart in a straight line for 20 yards.
  • Starting at Cone 1, sprint with the ball to Cone 2.
  • Turn and sprint back to Cone 1, turn and sprint to Cone 3, back to Cone 1, and so on.
  • Once you have reached all four cones and are back at Cone 1, take a 55-second rest before starting the next set.
  • Repeat these until you complete 10 sets (five each with your right and left foot.).
  • Most players should be able to complete a set in 35 seconds without the ball. It will likely take you a bit longer with the ball.

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