It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so naturally we are looking for good luck today! For many active people, lucky charms are more than just Irish folklore. Sports fans and competitors alike often have special items or cheers they use to grant their team good luck. Do you believe in the luck of the Irish?

lucky charms

Dedicated sports fans (we’re looking at you, mom!) are infamous for rituals and totems they believe determine if their team will win. From professional games to toddler soccer clubs, every team seems to have that one fan who is always in high spirits. But if your favorite team needs a little extra luck to pull through this season, it may be time to bump up your fanwear game.

Everything at Augusta is made with your team in mind! There are tons of colors to choose from, and almost everything can be monogrammed, printed, or embellished with your favorite team’s logo. Need a little inspiration? Check out this Augusta Active jersey Gisele Bundchen decorated for the Super Bowl.

Many athletes who compete in races and other events swear their success depends on having a special number, a race charm, or wearing a certain color. A lot of swimmers have a “pump up” song they listen to between races. Marathon runners all seem to have a pair of special socks they wear for every event. Some athletes don’t wash their favorite clothes because they’re afraid of washing away the good luck! It sounds crazy to some, but hey, whatever works, right?

Whether you’re searching for a four-leaf clover or just looking for that special pair of socks to get you through your next run, we hope you have a charmed St. Patrick’s Day!

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