Make Fitness Fun: Exciting 5K Events

July 7, 2015 Fitness, Motivation, Running 0 Comments

Why settle for a boring 5K when you could be covered in color, slide down inflatables, or jump over burning logs? Athletes everywhere are ditching the usual 5K events and signing up for more extreme (and fun!) versions of this popular distance run. Here’s a breakdown of a few of our favorite versions:

fun 5ks

Color run: Celebrate each kilometer by being showered in color! Known as the “Happiest 5K On The Planet,” the Color Run celebrates health in all shapes and sizes in a positive, upbeat atmosphere. Participants start the run in all white clothing. At each kilometer, they are covered in colored corn starch – one color for each kilometer. If you’re looking for a run that values positivity and encouragement, see if there’s a Color Run coming to a city near you!

Mud run: Get down and get dirty! This 5K event aims to get you as muddy as possible while you run, jump, climb, and even leap across flames, all in the name of fitness. Warrior types are drawn to this intense event, and new and even more insane versions are popping up all the time. But beware of the risks – if an obstacle seems a little sketchy (ehem, fire leap, anyone?) then skip it!

Zombie run: Test your apocalypse survival skills while dodging the undead! In most events, you start the run with two flags at your hips, like in flag football. As you run, you must dodge zombie volunteers who are trying to take your flags. Lose both flags and you join the ranks of the undead! Kick up your adrenaline and test your survival skills at one of these awesome runs.

Inflatable run: Did somebody say inflatable obstacle run? If you’re missing the days of bounce castles and giant inflatable slides, this 5K was made for you! This version of a 5K takes you through 5-10 inflatable obstacles. Looking forward to the next fun inflatable would be enough to push us through the running portions!

If you’re looking to spice up your next running event or reignite your love for fitness, check out fun runs that may be coming to a city near you! We can’t imagine a better way to spend a Saturday than celebrating health and fitness while also having a hilariously fun time.

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