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As fall soccer kicks up, we want to help your team to victory by sharing the pros’ favorite training regimens and warm up techniques. When you’re ready to get in the game, Augusta Sportswear is ready with gear for the whole team, on and off the field.

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Soccer Training Regimen

Jonathan Barlow, trainer to members of the U.S. Men’s National Team, uses strength training to improve endurance and help prevent injuries. He shares his technique with, focusing on the five exercises below. Make sure you rest in between sets for at least 30 seconds.

  1. Mini-Band External Rotation: 2 Sets, 10 Reps

This exercise works perfectly for getting your glutes action-ready, and you’ll really feel it in your hips if you’re doing it right. Check out this video to see it in action.

  1. Lateral Lunge with Reach: 2 Sets, 5 Reps Each Side

Designed to improve hip movement, it will help increase your sprinting power and agility on the field. Here is a video to show you how it’s done

  1. Linear Hurdle Hop: 3 Sets, 5 Reps on Each Leg

Created to help improve the ability to quickly change direction, it also helps lower injuries around the knees. Watch how the pros do it.

  1. Dumbbell Push Press: 3 Sets, 5 Reps

This exercise will teach your upper and lower body to work together, by strengthening quads, shoulders and triceps in one move. See them do it here.

  1. Barbell Romanian Deadlift: 4 Sets, 6 Reps

This focuses on your glutes and hamstrings so you can better accelerate, slow down and change direction. Here’s how they do it.


Soccer Pre-Game Warm-Ups

The New York Times interviewed World Cup soccer trainer Mark Verstegen to get some great tips on warm ups before the game and every practice. These help lessen injury and prepare your muscles for endurance.


  1. Foam Roll – Glutes: Designed to eliminate pain and tightness, you roll each side of your hips for 30 seconds. See the full video here.
  1. Foam Roll – Quads: Release tightness in your quadriceps when you roll, focusing on tight spots for 30 seconds. Watch how.
  1. Inverted Hamstring Stretch: Increase your balance and reduce the risk of hamstring injuries by doing 1 set of 4 reps on each side using this video tutorial.
  1. Lateral Lunge to Drop Lunge: This stretches your thighs and hips that tend to get the tightest. Check out the moves here.
  1. Mash-Up: This includes a reverse lunge, elbow in-step with rotation to stretch your lower half. You’ll need to watch several times to get it down.


Using Technology to Increase Performance

The coaches on the U.S. Women’s World Cup team embraced sports science, investing in heart monitors for all of their players. They use them to keep track of how tired a player is getting or how much they’ve improved during drill practices.

For example, if the heart rate of a team member is at a certain level during drills, and steadily overtime that heart rate decreases during the same drill, it can signify to the coach that the player is improving and is ready to have their drill difficulty stepped up a notch. Likewise during a game, having a heart rate that is steadily climbing suggests dehydration. The coach can take the player out of the game and give them a minute to rest and rehydrate.

Integrating some of these techniques and warm-ups will get you and your team ready to dominate the soccer field, much like our World Cup team did in July! When you and your team want to look as good as you play, check out Augusta Sportswear’s full line-up of practice and game gear, designed to keep you in pique performance all season long.

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