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You’ve probably heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Yet, year after year, so many of us make and break the same New Year’s resolutions. These five tips from Augusta will help you stick to your fitness resolutions in 2015.

Plan Around Obstacles

We often base our resolutions on the assumption that somehow we’ll be different people next year. With a fresh new date on the calendar, our hang-ups, obligations and other obstacles will magically be removed. Instead of planning to work around the issues that currently hamper our weight loss efforts, we set goals based on a whole different set of circumstances that probably won’t exist. Working around your schedule, budget and weaknesses improves your chance for success.

Ignore the New Year’s Hype

The marketing and mythology around New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are partially to blame. In our enthusiasm for self-improvement, we set goals that could only be achieved under the best conditions, like working out at 5 a.m. every day for at least an hour, never touching starchy foods and resisting every birthday cake or box of donuts someone brings into the office. In addition to building setbacks into your plan, don’t blame yourself if your excitement about your fitness goals wanes as you return to your daily routine — and the temptations that come along with it.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

While it’s certainly possible to maintain a hardcore fitness regimen, we punish ourselves if we “fall off the wagon” or don’t stick to the rigid routines we create for ourselves in the heady first hours of the new year. This is a major hazard for emotional eaters in particular; frustration and disappointment can send us racing to the freezer for ice cream or to the phone for pizza delivery.

Focus on One or Two Goals

Besides setting too-strict weight loss standards, we often try to improve multiple areas of our lives at the same time. This strategy might seem energizing first, but it dooms us to failure when we become overwhelmed by too many goals. Sometimes, those lofty aspirations start to seem like a burden and send us back to our old ways with a sigh of relief.

Maintain Momentum

Sticking to our resolutions for the first month or two can be hard enough; keeping up with them all year long often seems downright impossible. Paring down your goals to a few sustainable changes makes it easier to see the end result as achievable. Even if your resolutions are a little unrealistic, it isn’t too late to whittle them down a bit. The end of the year will come whether or not you’ve reached your dream weight. Any improvement, from losing a pound a week to replacing your daily soda with a water, means you’re better off than you were last year. Stay on track with your New Year’s Fitness goals with motivation, moderation and the right gear from Augusta Sportswear!

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