Summer Activities that Break a Sweat

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Summer is in full swing! Want to enjoy the outdoors while still getting a workout in? No problem. There are many activities you can take part in. Some suggestions for outdoor activities that are sure to have you sweating have been gathered here for your viewing pleasure.

summer workouts

  1. Hiking: What’s better than hitting the trails and taking in Mother Nature first hand? Hiking offers much more than a workout. It’s a chance to get off the couch, do some sightseeing and possibly discover a new hobby. Plus, it’s light on your budget! To learn more visit here.


  1. Mountain Biking: Pump up your bike rides by taking them to the mountains! Whether you are there to enjoy the sights, get a healthy dose of adrenaline or looking to take on a new trail, mountain biking is a great activity to try. Not to mention the health benefits outside of just breaking a sweat. To hear about why others like riding watch this inspirational video.


  1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Near an ocean or a lake? Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding; otherwise known as SUP. This full body workout is sure to have you burning calories in no time. Not only will it challenge you overall fitness wise, but your balance as well depending on the type of current you’re in. Check out this awesome GoPro video and get inspired to try it out if you haven’t already!


  1. Rock Climbing: This may seem like a small challenge to some, but taking it outdoors kicks it up a notch! If you haven’t tried rock climbing before, check your local listings and get started on an indoors rock wall first. Get the proper training, and when you’re ready, go for it outside! After making the climb, it can be one spectacular view at the top. Check out the American Mountain Guides Association for more details and a list of accredited businesses near you. They’ll help guide you on your way to your first rock climbing experience!


  1. Kayaking: Drifting down a river in a boat is exercise? Well, it can be! You can start by taking a class first. Get your safety and kayaking skills under your belt. Then when you’re comfortable, rent a kayak and slowly build up your endurance level. Test yourself against different water conditions. Hey, you might enjoy it so much you want to buy your own kayak! For more information, visit here.


Want to get some friends and/or family involved? Try these activities:


  1. Sand Volleyball: Take volleyball from inside to an outside sand pit! Volleyball itself is a workout when you’re hustling for the ball and in it to win it! Only now, you have the resistance training from the sand under your feet, the sun on your face and only two people per team. Take your digs, spikes and overall hustle to a new level with this sport! Check out this video on the basics of beach volleyball.


  1. Disc Golf: This activity has grown radically over the years into a fully accredited sport! You can play it with your mates in a park or any wide open area. This is great for working-out the upper body, whilst walking a field. Want to get a better idea of what it’s all about, check out this video. For an inside look on the dynamics of the sport, we recommend watching this short


  1. Rugby: This high intensity sport can be brought to your very backyard. Be ready to get down and dirty with this one! There’s no excessive padding or equipment, just your teams and a ball. This game can be rough, but oh so very exciting! Get inspired to play here.


  1. Paintball: Put your game controller down and get to a paintball arena for a real life experience in the field. You won’t be shooting live bullets, but shooting paintballs can pack a punch! Out in the field, you are thrown into various situations that require players to duck, dodge, shoot, jump, even low crawl all while avoiding getting shot yourself! Paintball offers participants a more enjoyable way to tone up their body without ever having to even think about it as exercise.” For more information on this exhilarating game, click here.


  1. Soccer: You had to think this activity would be on the list at one point or another right? Commonly called ‘football’ in other countries, this game has been a common favorite for many. As long as you’re running, kicking, shuffling and sometimes heading-the-ball, you’re sure to break a sweat in no time at all. For more on health benefits, click here.


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