Can you hear the bells? Wedding season is here! Spring, summer, and early fall are the most popular times of year that couples tie the knot. Whether you’re a wedding guest, bridesmaid, or the bride-to-be, we all want to look our best at the party. One major “problem area” women try to target in training is their arms and shoulders, so we’ve put together this wedding season arm workout to help you comfortable in your skin and rock that short-sleeved dress.

To complete this set of arm exercises, you’ll need two free weights between 3-10 pounds depending on your current strength. Choose a weight that is comfortable for you; you don’t need to push yourself too hard at first. Even with a small weight, you’ll feel the burn after a few reps.

wedding season upper body workout

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Bicep curls: With both weights, stand up straight and put both arms at a 90 degree angle with your elbows resting slightly near your hips. Be sure to keep your muscles loose. To complete a rep, slowly lift the weights until your forearms touch your chest, then slowly lower the weights back to the starting position. Repeat 12 times.

Tricep kickbacks: Stand with a slight bend in your knees and your chest forward. With a weight in each hand, keep your elbows tucked into your sides. From this position, move the weights behind you to straighten your arms with your elbows acting as hinges. To finish, bring the weights back to the starting position. Repeat 12 times.

Shoulder presses: Stand up straight with both arms out to your sides and elbows bent upward at a 90 degree angle. From here, slowly lift the weights straight into the air, then slowly lower the weights back to your starting position. You should feel this exercise in your shoulders and upper back. Repeat 12 times.

Bent over rows: With your feet about shoulder width apart, slightly bend over and keep your weight centered and knees slightly bent. Starting with your arms lowered in front of you (like they are hanging), bend to bring your arms to a 90 degree at your sides, like you’re rowing a boat or putting a lever. Again, most of the movement comes through your elbow. Bring your arms back to the starting position to finish. Repeat 12 times.

Forward raises: Stand up straight with your arms slightly bent at the elbow, like you’re holding a beach ball. Be sure your palms are facing the ground and the weights are slightly touching. From here, raise your arms in the same shape until they are chest-high. Then lower back to the starting position. Repeat 12 times.

It’s important to make sure every movement you make is slow and controlled. This will not only protect your muscles from injury, but it will also ensure you are getting a great workout. For a great exercise routine you can do outside – to work on your tan, of course – grab your arm weights, a resistance tube, and a mat. These arm exercises pair well with squats and similar bodyweight exercises and core strengthening ab exercises you can do on the mat. Stretch it all out with the help of your resistance tube!

Are you prepping for a wedding or planning to attend one soon? Do you have any secrets for looking your best at a wedding? Let us know in the comments or tag us in your pics on Instagram @augustaactive or #augustaactive!

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